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True Crimes Against Wine

Oct 2021

CASE 0118: Between The Rock And A Drunk Place

DEFENDANT: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
EVIDENCE: Teremano Blanco Small Batch Tequila
SCENE OF THE CRIME: Jalisco Highlands, Mexico
In this VERY SPECIAL LIQUOR EPISODE, our Judges jet to the sun-drenched agave hills of Mexico, where they learn about how a time-honored spirit is crafted, Canadian wrestling dynasties, and the subtle art of sperglary.
***WARNING: The audio depicts aggressive cocktail shaking. Please join us in a celebratory dance during these portions of the episode, and remember to check the comments on Instagram and Facebook for the recipes***
Oct 2021

Sidebar Ep. 3: Organic vs Biodynamic

Topher helps guide Rachel through the differences and similarities between organic and biodynamic wines, but Rachel remains skeptical.

Oct 2021

CASE 0117: Papa Don‘t Drink… This Gewurtztraminer

EVIDENCE: Ciccone Vineyard American Gewurtztraminer, 2019
SCENE OF THE CRIME: Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan, USA
Our judges road trip to a tiny, remote winery in the Midwest, where they discuss new product designs, who is getting Judge Rachel in the divorce, and the combat prowess of one of the biggest icons of our generation.
Oct 2021

Sidebar Ep. 2: What Is Vegan Wine?

Rachel revisits a question about vegan wine and Topher explains the ins and outs, from production to packaging.
This episode is dedicated to the memory of April.
Sep 2021

CASE 0116: Don‘tcha Wish Your Bottle Was Hot Like Me?

DEFENDANT: Nicole Scherzinger
EVIDENCE: Anti-Party Red, 2019
SCENE OF THE CRIME: Walla Walla, Washington
Our Judges sojourn to the hidden deserts of Washington, where they drunkenly discuss feminist theory, celebrity impersonations, and issue a passionate Mario Kart challenge. Rachel tricks Topher into making a shocking confession.
Sep 2021

Sidebar Ep. 1: Why Does Wine Taste Like Wine?

Our judges answer a question about wine flavors and explain how to get the most out of your wine at home.

Sep 2021

CASE 0115: Purple Hull Pee: The Unauthorized Stacey Ferguson Story

EVIDENCE: Ferguson Crest Red Blend "Fergalicious" 2014
SCENE OF THE CRIME: Santa Ynez Valley, CA
Our judges find themselves trapped in the colorful but dangerous world of 90's pop groups and 2000's mainstream hip-hop as they try to navigate royal imposters, misleading band names, and where to relieve themselves.
Aug 2021

CASE 0114: Brad Pitt, Are You My Mommy?

DEFENDANT(S): Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie
EVIDENCE: Miraval Rosé
SCENE OF THE CRIME: Provence, France
Our Judges make a return trip to sun-soaked Provence to check on their property and sip on some new evidence. Rachel flexes her ESP while munching a garlicky snack, and Topher waxes poetic about medieval esthetics. 
Aug 2021

CASE 0113: Don’t Drink So Close To Me

EVIDENCE: Il Palagio Roxanne Rosso Toscana
SCENE OF THE CRIME: Tuscany, Italy
Our judges jaunt out to the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany, where they sample an ancient red grape, discuss family lineages, and ponder such deep questions as, "How much wine is too much?"
Aug 2021

CASE O112: On The Train To Shetlandhamshire

DEFENDANT: Lisa Vanderpump
EVIDENCE: Vanderpump Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Our judges return to the original scene of the crime in Sonoma County to investigate the alleged crimes of a femme fatale from across the pond. Topher defends Kathy Hilton while Rachel talks about the music video career of her boobs.
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